Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let's continue the ride!

High Country Warrior Ride is now on Hopefully this will be a great way to keep our riders in the know and help us to form even a stronger bond with those who give their precious time to help us raise money for Operation Heal Our Patriots. We welcome all riders to join us on our Meetup page and to come join us on a few meetups during the year. Our main focus is still the yearly fundraising ride and this should not be seen as a replacement for our annual ride. Rather this is about growing relationships and getting even more folks involved in what we do. If you want to join, membership is free. We would love to see you over at!

To those who might be trying to join us. I apologize but we were not officially approved by when I posted this story. But we are now. So if you tried earlier to join our meetup page please try again. If you have any questions about this or anything else related to our new page please leave a comment for us here if email us at 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Warrior Wendnesday

Many of you have served in the armed forces. You have made great sacrifices because of your love for your country and are dedicated to preserving freedom. For that we thank you. Some of you might not have served but know someone that has. On Warrior Wednesdays we want you to share from your experience if you served or if you know someone that served in the US Military that has inspired you, share their story here. Please submit an uplifting story that you know of first hand.  We support our wounded veterans and want to give thanks to all who help keep us free. 

Not only is it important to remember those that have served but is also equally important that we tell the next generation about what it takes to keep us free. We want the young people who will be tomorrow's leaders to understand the importance of standing up for their country. 

Doing the right thing doesn't always mean that you will be recognized for it. Many give so much and never given a pat on the back or a thank you from anyone. They are not necessarily looking for praise either. To them the most important thing is protecting our way of life. No matter the cost and no matter if anyone ever notices or not. That is truly the heart of a hero. Still we want them to know we are honoring them. We want them to know what they do and did is important to us. So please share their story here. Give honor where honor is due.

Each week we will pick one of the submitted stories to share on our webpage. We will link the story to all our social media outlets. Please help us to lift up those unsung heros and heroines who have given so much for the sake of freedom. We owe it to all who serve and have served to honor them. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Testimony Tuesday

Testimony Tuesday: Today we are starting a new feature on our facebook page and on this site. we need your help! We would like to hear your stories about how God had touched your lives. Each week we will pick one story to feature here on our page. Please include a picture of yourself, and of course you can and should include your motorcycle in your photo. Keep your testimony to 100 words or less and if picked we will post it here and on our website with links on Twitter, and other social media tools that we use. Thanks for your help. To submit your testimony send an email with one to two photos to

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Welcome to our new home!

Welcome fellow riders,

The 2015 High Country Warrior Ride was a great success. We had 137 bikes and 189 riders and raised around $20,000 For Operation Heal Our Patriots. Next year we hope to grow this ride to over a 1,000 bikes. But we cannot do this without your help. This webpage/blog will be your one stop location for news and stories about our ride and info on how our efforts are impacting the lives of wounded service members and their spouses.

Stay tuned to more new here soon. We will be providing links to our social media outlets and adding more great ways for you to interact with us and learn what you can do to spread the word about future rides and event.

Please keep this in mind. To reach our goal of 1,000 bikes for our 2016 ride we will need each of you to invite at least  5 other riders to join us next year. That isn't a lot but together we can get there. Remember to share this page with your friends, family, and social networks.

Thank you and ride safe,

Eddie Sprouse
High Country Warrior Ride